contemporary two tone kitchen cabinets

Today we’ll speak about beauty of two tone kitchen cabinets, In recent years monotonous kitchens where cabinets above and below same color no longer carry,  Novelty is to combine at least two colors and go for an equally striking countertop. Want to see some examples? White and black or white and red, for many two [...]

3 Drawer Filing Cabinet Godrej

How to remove 3 drawer file cabinet – The extraction of a file drawer sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. The opening mechanisms vary widely, as each manufacturer to differentiate their patents by competitors, has developed its own devices release. Since the drawers are kept in place by rail instead of hinges, [...]

classy tufted ottoman

A tufted ottoman is ideal furniture for extra seating during the holidays and can also serve as a place to rest your feet at the end of a hard day’s work.  You can also provide a work surface or small table for a snack tray or laptop.  The best all, as an ottoman can provide [...]

Cafe Rattan French Bistro Chairs

There are objects with so much personality that sometimes, words fall short to describe them. This applies wonderful French bistro chairs are dedicated to the post this week. For its retro air, its chic vintage romance afrancesado or that they evoke, are chairs that will never leave you indifferent.  And what is it that makes [...]

Wooden modular wine rack plan

Wine rack plans – There are two main types of wine racks for: maintaining the horizontal and bottles in the bottle lies face down. The shelf itself could be metal, wood or plastic, depending on personal taste. Its price can be up to thousands of US dollars to house a large collection. A much cheaper [...]

Best red couch slipcovers

Couch slipcovers are a good solution if you care to keep them in good condition. Daily use, children, if you have a pet, all is factors to spoil upholstery of armchairs and sofas. In any store you can find slipcovers sofa of different sizes. Price covers for chairs of 20 €, if for sofas from [...]

Awesome Burlap Table Runners

Burlap table runners, some time ago we showed a post about how burlap table runners or individual, if you will remember to click the link “table runner made of jute” Today I want to show you as I promised in my last post dedicated to this fabric, as applied elsewhere and household goods. Decorating with [...]

Sofa Sectionals Style

Sofa sectionals are versatile and come in a variety of styles. Sectional low-back armchairs allow you to place your sofa anywhere in the room with sectional aspect that allows custom settings. The low backrest allows more space on the wall or clear sight lines on the couch. A sectional sofa with low back L-shaped one corner [...]

best wooden wine racks

Advantage of wooden wine racks is lightness of structure itself. Usually it is quite easy to disassemble and can lead more easily than a wrought iron frame. Price of wine in wooden racks can vary from $ 5 for wooden carved creations at cost of hundreds of thousands. For most home users, when it comes [...]

Oval Mirror.jpg

Hold the template oval mirror Delta in line with the pencil mark on a wall. Sets the template until it rests plumb, using a spirit level as a guide. Ensures the template to the wall with tape. Make pilot holes for hanging fasteners oval mirror with an electric drill equipped with an appropriately sized drill bit, using [...]